This slip-on sandal has a leather toe-loop and adjustable features including an elasticized buckle across the in-step. A contoured insole supports the natural arch of the foot. Fine leather straps wrap around the base with a hand-polished wood effect, giving this sandal a stylish flair.



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How Shoe Sizes are Measured

Quality, comfort, and fit are very important to SAS, which is why we always recommend being professionally fitted at one of our SAS retail stores whenever possible. Our in-store fittings include the use of the Brannock Device to get an indication of proper size. A shoe is not truly ‘fitted’ until it is placed on the foot, but the fitting process can begin with this device. Size is first measured heel to toe, then the arch measurement is taken from ball to heel and width measurement is indicated on the outer side of the foot. Both feet are measured and a variety of sizes and widths may be recommended to try before making a final selection.

Selecting a Size Online

While a professional fitting is ideal, we do realize that our customers may need to make a purchase decision online. For this reason, we have provided guidelines to help make a size selection based on standard sizing.

In the US & Canada, women's and men's foot lengths are measured in thirds of an inch with half sizes add an additional sixth of an inch. SAS Women's sizes begin at size 4 and run through size 13. SAS Men's sizes begin at size 6 and run through size 16.

International Size Guide


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Black, Coffee


M, W


05, 05.5, 06, 06.5, 07, 07.5, 08, 08.5, 09, 09.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12

Returns & Exchanges

We will be happy to provide a full refund or even an exchange of any unworn shoes within 15 days of the purchase, provided you have the original receipt and box.

We guarantee our shoes to be Handcrafted, free of manufacturer defects. However, please understand all materials will naturally break down over time, regardless of wear and tear or frequent/infrequent use. No product can be designed to last forever. In the event of an unusual situation, please contact our store directly. Be prepared to provide a brief summary to help us determine a solution.

Mail Out Returns

In the event your ordered shoes don’t work out, and you meet the criteria outlined in our return policy above, simply mail them back. You may also bring them directly to our location. (see a link to our locations). Shipping cost for returned shoes will be at the customers expense.

The original shipping charges incurred on your purchase are not refundable as part of your return.

These policies are applicable only to our website, also known as

Contact us for more details

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